Monday, September 13, 2010

New Term!!!

After taking a break from swapping, I'm back for HSKS 12!!!! I'm very excited to be back.... and I'm happy to be part of the "Hermione's Heroic Braniacs" family.
Things were starting to quite down around here, and I was going to have lots of free time..... but then we went and put an offer on a house yesterday!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!! I'm anxiously waiting for a phone call to see if the offer has been accepted. We have a house already, but it's in a rough neighbourhood and we want to get the kids into a better area before they start school (next year, possibly). I really, really, really hope we get this house! (and then I hope we can sell this one quickly!)


Nancy said...

Squeep! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - hope you get the house you want :-D

Amethyst said...

Welcome back to Hogwarts!