Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 3 Assignment - Word Association

1. Pumpkin - Pie
2. Owl - Post
3. Leaf - Tea
4. Weasley - Ron
5. Quaffle - Quidditch
6. Hallow - Deathly
7. Mad - Moody
8. Dragon - Flying
9. Crystal - Ball (my first word was actually "kingdom", but that's from my daughter's Dora-the-Explorer movie - Crystal Kingdom. ha! thought I should try to keep it HP related)
10. Trees - Forest
11. Hermione - Granger
12. Hogwarts - School
13. Burrow - Weasley
14. Dobby - Elf
15. Horcrux - Harry
16. Ministry - Magic
17. Magic - Wizard
18. Sirius - Black
19. Apple - Pie
20. Juice - Apple
21. Candle - Light
22. Ghost - Nick
23. Snake - Snape
24. Wand - Magic
25. Invisibility - Cloak
26. Tent - Camping
27. Spell - Magic
28. Umbridge - Witch! (but with a "B")
29. Dursley - Dudley
30. Prophet - Daily

Hmmm, I used the work "pie" twice..... that's what happens when you do word-association before breakfast. I'm hungry!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Time Turner?

Anyone know where I can purchase a good time turner? I looked for one in Diagon Alley, but no luck. I really need one!!! I signed up for this swap with nothing but time on my hands.... then I bought a house! We take possession on October 15th, so I'm frantically cleaning and packing right now. Can I manage to juggle my Hogwarts schedule and my Real-Life? Hmmmm, I'm sure going to try!
I've got a start on my swap kit, but I'm going to have to leave the hand-made part of it for after I've moved into the new place. (since I've already started packing my craft stuff!)
I'm feeling a bit frazzled, I admit it. But I'm so happy/excited at the same time. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Term!!!

After taking a break from swapping, I'm back for HSKS 12!!!! I'm very excited to be back.... and I'm happy to be part of the "Hermione's Heroic Braniacs" family.
Things were starting to quite down around here, and I was going to have lots of free time..... but then we went and put an offer on a house yesterday!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!! I'm anxiously waiting for a phone call to see if the offer has been accepted. We have a house already, but it's in a rough neighbourhood and we want to get the kids into a better area before they start school (next year, possibly). I really, really, really hope we get this house! (and then I hope we can sell this one quickly!)