Monday, November 24, 2008

Winding Down

Well, the term is almost over. I have to say that I've had a great time with the Hufflepuffs this term. They've really made me feel welcome. Thanks everybody!

It's already been a few weeks now since I've sent out my package for my swap pal. And a few weeks since I received that AWESOME kit from Stuart. Time has gone by soooo fast this term. I'm not sure if I'll get to come back again for the next term... it's going to land during a very busy time for me.... but I think I might try anyway. I mean, it's going to be HSKS7!!! I really don't want to miss it.

Well, time to go study for those horrible end of term exams. Sigh. I know I'm going to fail Ancient Runes again.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quidditch - Round 3 - Trivia

1. Who was Tom Riddle Sr.'s girlfriend before Merope gave him the love potion?
b. Cecilia

2. What does Luna say floated into Harry's ear when he was in the train car that supposedly caused him to lose focus?
c. Wrackspurt

3. How much do the primary Apparition lessons cost?
d. 12 galleons

4. What is Professor Merrythought's first name?
b. Galatec

5. What Hogwarts club was Eileen Prince captain of?
b. Gobstones Club

6. Who is head of the Goblin Liaison office?
b. Dirk Cresswell

7. Mrs. Weasley offers Fleur a goblin-made tiara for the wedding with Bill. What family member is currently in possession of the tiara?
a. Aunt Muriel

8. How many points does Snape take from Gryffindor for Harry's late arrival and muggle attire?b. 70

9. When Profressory Slughorn first meets Hermione, he asks her whether she is related to Hector Dagworth-Granger. What society did Dagworth-Granger found?
d. The Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers

10. Which of these describes Golpalott's Third Law?
d. The antidote for a blended poison will be equal to more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separtea components

Friday, November 7, 2008

Totally Spoiled

My swap kit arrived today from Stuart Cauldwell! What can I say? He has totally spoiled me rotten this term.
I open the box to find the most amazing bag on top of a mountain of goodies!

I absolutely LOVE this bag.... Stuart really kept in mind that I'm on an Inter-House scholarship this year (I moved to Hufflepuff from Gryffindor) so he made my bag a House-Unity bag.... Isn't that awesome!?!?

Another photo of the bag.... just because I love it so much.

That wasn't the only bag either... there was also this super cool zippered tote! And of course, Stuart loaded it with a bunch of goodies!

I'm not sure how he fit all this stuff in there.... I think he must've used an enlargement charm on the inside of the bag.
Notice the mini-skeins? Cute hey? There's "Hufflepuff" and "Ron" from my all-time favorite dyer, Faery Fiber!
Also, take special note of the beautiful stitch markers and row counter!

Please ignore the chocolate frog, as it is gone already. Hehehe.

This has got to be the coolest Harry Potter inspired colourway that I've seen yet... It's "Knight Bus".... and it's Gorgeous! (the photo came out really dark, but it's really an amazing bright purple! Love it.

Not one, not two, but THREE different sock patterns!

And, in case knitting socks doesn't keep me busy enough, Stuart also included this super-cute felted ornaments kit. I'm totally making these this year!

My all time favorite candy from Honeydukes.... Fizzing Whizbees! The hugest package I have ever seen! Mmmmmmm.... candy.

I couldn't take a picture of EVERYTHING individually (that would be a ridiculously long post) so here's a group shot of all my aweseome loot!

And a list of everything:
House Unity Bag!
Knight Bus sock yarn
Hufflepuff & Ron mini-skeins of sock yarn
Knit Picks needles (my favorites)
Christmas ornament felting kit
Wool Wash
Stitch markers & Row counter
"K" post-it notes
3 sock patterns
Hogwarts Crest Patch
Rooibos Tea
Christmas cookie cutters (I will definately be making Christmas cookies with my little house elf!)
Journal & Notepads
LUSH bath bombs (one for me, and one for my house elf) ---Mine was HoneyBee which is my FAVORITE scent from Lush.
Witchy tote bag
Curly wurly chocolate bar
Chocolate frog (nope, gone)
Giant bag of Fizzing Whizbies
Wow, that' a LOT of stuff. Thank you Stuart! You are AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Watching the Skies

I've been informed to keep my eyes open for an owl headed my way. I'm soooo excited!

The last piece of my kit that I'm putting together for Cassandra Black arrived today... that means I'll be sending out Owly McFeatherpants sometime this week! Yay!