Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Here!!! It's Here!!!

An owl arrived today with my swap kit!!! I'm so excited. I know you wouldn't believe the awesomeness of everything I got, so I took some pictures to show you!

I could post a three page blog entry with photos of everything, but that would be a little too much like bragging, so I took a group shot....

I got some soft 'n silky Tofutsies sock yarn, in a very Magpie-worthy colourway.... along with the Lothlorien sock pattern. (I almost bought this pattern myself! Good think I didn't!)
There was loads n loads of extra goodies.... Chocolate (mmmm, chocolate), candies, notepads, a bath bomb from Lush (I can't even begin to explain my addiction to Lush bath bombs!), super-cute black & white stitch markers from Bumblebirch in an adorable little tin with my Magpies Jersey on it!!! (so cool) Some Harry Potter colouring posters and markers, a really neat little pyramid shaped bag, a super cool sock-blocker keychain with a maple leaf on it (yay Canada!), already adorned with a sweet little mini-sock. (my daughter insisted I put this on the Christmas tree - I obliged, but will be putting it on my keys after Christmas) and a Hedwig book bag. (these are so cool, they actually protect your books! I've been wanting one for ages)
And, saving the best for last..... An owl cabled hat and mitts!!!! These are sooooo cool! And super-comfy too!
love (1,000,000)

My little house-elf got her own little package too! I would've included her stuff in the group shot, but she wasn't giving any of it up, even for a photo.... I snuck a quick picture of her with my zoom lens while I was writing this blog post.

Italic She got her very own knit hat (it fits her great, and she actually wants to wear it), a Dora the Explorer necklace and bracelet (you should've seen her face when she saw those!), stickers, and chocolate. The chocolate was tactfully left out of her gift, so Mommy could decide if she should have it. As you can see, I did let her have it. I was expecting super-hyper kid right about now, but she's actually having an afternoon nap. Wow. I guess the craziness will happen later. ;)


Violet Starfire said...

WOW! Did you ever get spoiled!
Love that even your lil one got her own goodies!
Great package!

fineskylark said...

I can't believe how big the House Elf is getting. She's so beautiful! (Especially in that hat!)