Monday, February 2, 2009

Gryffindor House Quiz

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What are your three most favorite colors?
- Blue, Green, Red..... I like most colours really.

What are you three least favorite colors?
- Mustard yellow, pea green, "muddy colours" (but they do have their uses too)

Your favorite candy is _________________.
- I love "penny candy" (gummies) and of course Chocolate. (I'm pregnant - due April 10th - so I'm into ALL types of candy and snacks right now!!!)

Who is your favorite Weasley?
- Fred & George.... or maybe Molly

Do you knit, crochet, or both?
- I mostly just knit, but I did learn to crochet to make my daughter a teddy bear. I enjoyed it, just haven't made anything else yet.

What type of kit did you ask for?
- I couldn't decide.... but a fingerless mitts kit or a sock kit would be top on my list I think.

Acrylic— (a) has its uses, (b) should all be burned, (c) best yarn to work with? (choose an answer)
- Has its uses (great for kids toys!)

Who is the Gryffindor Head Girl ?
-Millicent Brocklehurst

Name four "extras" you would love to receive in your kit.
- Candy! ;-) - something for the new baby? - I don't know, I'm horrible about asking for stuff for myself.

What are your three most favorite scents?
- melon, vanilla, apple.... I like fruity or sweet scents rather than florals

Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?
- sweet..... mmmmm, candy

Which Gryffindor and Slytherin students are sisters in real life?
- Emma Wigworthy and Lizzie Wychwood. (I think?)

Do you really need more stitch markers?
- Of course! Actually, I do have a lot now, but I really like getting new ones.

DPNs, circular, or straight?
- Circulars, with a long cord for magic loop.

Favorite yarn? Dream yarn?
- I'm still learning about what I like. I learned to knit with cheap acrylics, but I've been trying more natural fibers lately and I really like the difference. I'm open to suggestions!

Favorite HP Movie?
- Prisoner of Azkaban

Favorite HP character?
- Sirius Black.... although I change my mind about this question fairly often.

What is your favorite pattern?
- Hmmmm, I don't know!?

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CentyB said...

Prisoner is my favorite too.