Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gryffindor Homework

Four (or more) letter words found in "Muggle Studies".

mugs - cups to hold hot liquid
must - have to
mule, mules - donkey
muts - dogs with "questionable" breeding
mist - fog
melt, melts - unfreeze
glue, glues - sticky stuff
gels - a product muggles use to make their hair stay in place
gust, gusts - a strong blow of wind
glutes - bum muscles
gems - jewels
glum - sad, gloomy
guide - leader
guides - a children's club where muggles learn to survive outdoors
glide - slide
lets - if I write something here maybe the professor won't notice I don't have a definition.
lids - seal on the top of a container
legs - that's obvious, insn't it?
lest - a word often used in poems
lies - untruths
lust - inapropriate feelings for Hogwarts students to feel for the DA teacher
lute, lutes - a type of instrument i think
eggs - used to make omlets
elms - type of tree
stud, studs - our new DA teacher
suds - soap bubbles
sums - totals
sides - edges
slug, slugs - gross slimy creatures
sled, sleds - a toy to slide down snowy hills with
slum, slums - cheap, undesireable housing areas
slime - see "slugs"
slide, slides - a toy at muggle playgrounds for children
smile, smiles - happy expression
smut - trashy content
smug - snotty
smuggle, smuggled - moving stolen goods across borders
tide, tides - a type of soap muggles use to clean their clothes
time, times - hours, minutes, seconds, etc
tums - a muggle remedy for heartburn (athough a simple soothing charm works much better)
tussle - scuffle, fight
dies - ending of life
digs - scoop a hole
dust - fine particles of dirt
duties - things you have to do.... like this homework assignment.

Well, that's it.... there's my homework. I didn't have much time to contemplate the definitions, but I think I came up with a descent amount of words at least.