Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad Gryff

I'm so sorry for not posting last week. I was really ill with a terrible flu. Before you all start hexing me, let me tell you that having the flu when you're nearly 8 months pregnant, while taking care of a two year old (well, she'll be two in 10 days) while your husband is out of town is NOT fun. But, the important thing is I survived and I'm back posting again! Yay!

I've almost finished the bag I'm making for my swap pal.... and it's HORRIBLE!!!! I HATE IT!!! Don't worry, I'm not actually going to give it to her now, it's too awful. I had a feeling it wasn't looking right while I was knitting it, but I figured it would all work out after it was felted. Nope. So, I've cast on for something completely different. I really hope this one works out better. Wish me luck!

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CentyB said...

Not bad, but Sick Gryff! So sorry to hear of the lingering flu ... and I'd forgotten you're pregnant! Last year I had flu at the same time as my son and daughter. Ick. Bummer about the bag. Good luck with the new one!