Monday, February 11, 2008

Hogsmeade Weekend

I went on my first trip to Hogsmeade this weekend! It was even cooler than I expected! I was a little worried at first because I accidentally slep in on Saturday morning and when I woke up all the Gryffindor's were already gone. I almost stayed at school but then I decided to go by myself. Gryffindors are supposed to be brave, right? Well, I'm really glad I went because I had a fantastic time. My favorite shops were definately Honeydukes and Zonko's. I stocked up with enough candy to last me a month! Oh, and don't tell the headmistress but I also bought the biggest bag of dungbombs I've ever seen.... I'm planning on releasing a bunch during Divination class (oh, how I hate that stupid class) Maybe I'll save a few for History of Magic as well (although I do catch up on my sleep in that class).

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